We can do this for the dark circle under our eyes, bruises, birth marks, stretch marks, scars.. whatever discoloration you have on your skin to make it seem more flawless ;) 

I bruise a lot so this comes very handy. 

It’s not about the brand. Just make sure you choose the right colors/color. Ask the sales person and try different brands. You might have to use some sort of moisturizer, primer or something. BUt those things will add to the cost. A concealer would do=) I’ve tried Mac, Bobbi Brown, Shu uemura and Laura Mercier. All are okay but I’m sure you can find cheaper ones.


It’s not macho? well- you will be surprised how many people use this especially celebrities, Koreans, Japanese, etc=) That’s one of the reasons why they seem to look fresh and flawless all the time! Putting some concealer on might help you during job interviews, performances, brighten your complexion up esp. if you’re stressed, etc. 

WAITT: Do you even know what a concealer is for? It’s to hide dark circles under the eyes, minimize redness, and all those signs of a late night.

If you have a girlfriend, she might have tried putting some concealer on your zit;) 

It is a skill you have to learn but it’s worth it. Ask help from a girl friend of yours. YOU DON’T WANT TO GET CAUGHT WITH CONCEALER ON YOUR FACE. IT’S MEANT TO BE INVISIBLE. MASTER THE SKILL- it will take you a long way. 

1) Wash your face and apply a light moisturizer.

2)Dot “some” eye cream around your eyes (important! this will help conceal your concealer to prevent it from just sitting on your skin) and wait for it to be absorbed.

Do something else (10 mins). Prepare for work, get dressed, etc. try (Make Up For Ever HD Concealer (Try looking for this in Rockwell or at the Fort- not sure kung meron. Sephora has)

3)  Get a little and put on your hand (like a palette ). Using your finger,apply to the corner of the eye and pat down toward the cheekbone.

4) BLEND around the side and on to the top to cover the eyelid.

BLEND OK??? SEE 4 steps! You guys are good with cars and fixing stuff! You’ll figure this out!